Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joan-Sock Sunday!

I used to knit all the time. Norwegian sweaters were my favorite to knit - all the fancy snowflake patterns and bright colors. Challenging and fun!

Once I took up quilting, it seems there's never enough time to work on the bigger knitted projects with all the charts and graphs to follow.

Socks are hot! About ten years ago, the yarn manufacturers started making self-striping yarns in sport weight colors and durable wool-blends. Perfect for socks. So I set out to find a simple pattern that mimicked a commercial sock - a long rib at the ankle, and seams at the heal, not bulky flaps. At the time, I couldn't find one (now that type of pattern is fairly common), so I made it up. And started knitting. . . . and knitting. . . and knitting . . . socks!

I always have at least a half-dozen socks in progress. They are portable too! Since the pattern is so straightforward, you can pick it up anywhere and not worry about details in a complex pattern.

Then I started giving my socks away to friends and family. And folks asked me how I made them, could they have the pattern. . . I don't use a pattern, really. So I started teaching sock classes. Social and laid back, once a month on a Sunday.

Here's a couple of fun new items from Knitcellaneous, a mini sock blocker key chain and dog tags with a quick review of the Kitchener stitch.

Lotsa fun!


  1. I love that mini sock blocker key ring- knit up in some bright fun, springy colors!!!

  2. Delightful! There is no end to your talents Joan, sincerely. I did not know you were a knitter as well as a wonderful quilter. I love the mini sock blocker key ring too. I have not knitted since I was a child but will pass this information to my family knitters. Thanks.