Friday, May 14, 2010


The weather in central New York has been crazy lately. For a couple of days, it seemed like we skipped past Spring and started right in on Summer!

Then last weekend, we had a little bit of snow on Mothers' Day. So, as long as it was snowing, I decided to linger in my jammies with some tea and some stitching.

I picked up this little cross-stitch kit by Mill Hill from their Spring Bouquet Kit Collection. I purchased the kit at The Village Sampler in Big Flats, NY on a mini road trip recently. The project base is heavy-weight paper with a punched-out stitching grid. The kit included everything I needed to make this little project! Here's what the stitching looked like in progress.

Keep stitching, add beads, trim the paper base, then add the beaded legs.

Next thing I knew, I had forgotten about the snow outside and was thinking 'Flamingo!'

Look! The whole piece is only about 5" head-to-toe. The kit comes with a little magnet to put on the back, but I bet I could fuse a piece of fabric to the back, flannel or wool, and make it into a pin.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Hi Joan - This is the cutest little flamingo! What a fun stitching and beading project. I'm going to check out Mill Hill. Thanks Joan.