Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time to Fly!

Shortly after I put it up, this hanging planter full of purple flowers caught the eye of a pair of expectant parents - house finches. Nest building began in earnest shortly thereafter (see the piece of grass sticking out of the plant?), and Mama Finch laid five tiny speckled eggs.

Just by looking at the plant, you'd never know the bird's nest is deep inside, near the base of the plant.

Since one of my favorite summer pastimes is doing hand work on the front porch, this activity has been somewhat reduced this year, as Mrs. Finch spooks off the nest quite easily.

The baby birds, now a mass of brown feathers and fluff, are just about to fledge. The nearby window leads to my sewing room and the vocalizations from peeping babies and twittering parents are really very pleasant.

But I do miss my sewing spot. One of these days, very soon, maybe I can take up my hand work again on the porch. We'll see. . .

Happy first flight!


  1. Awe, nice story Joan, and (interesting) photo. Hope your summer is going well. Hot here this week. I'm looking forward to fall, personally.

  2. I never like to wish the summer away. Goes by so quick!