Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it Snow! Then Let it Stop. . . please!

I live in Syracuse, New York. Just south and a little east of Lake Ontario. This time of year, the big lake isn't frozen yet. Without getting too scientific, if the wind blows just right, Syracuse can get walloped with bad weather as winter sets in.

Just so happened, the 'right' combination of wind, and cold, and snow happened this week over Syracuse - and my house. It started this past weekend. It's Wednesday and it hasn't stopped snowing yet.

There is a little landing just outside the back door that leads down three or four steps to the back yard. Small railing. In the summer, it's the easiest access to the patio. In the winter, this landing becomes a wind magnet, often creating interesting shapes with falling and drifting snow.

For some reason, on Monday evening, I thought the amount of snow accumulated on the railing was rather 'amusing.' So I opened the door and snapped a pic. Little did I know what might come next.

The next morning, the wind made some interesting shapes that seemed to defy gravity. Kinda reminded me of that famous painting by Michelangelo on the ceiling - will the two 'fingers' meet or not? More snow.

This was last night. Yup. The two snow blobs are now one big blob. Snow's not done yet.

This morning. No more railing visible. I find the little red hummingbird feeder/holder a bit comical in this picture. That's about eye level for me. Much to my surprise (and dismay), not a hummingbird anywhere in sight!

Another 6-8" of snow is expected today and another 8-10" tonight.

At least I have fabric, thread and a working sewing machine. And heat.

Is it Spring yet?

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