Friday, March 18, 2011

One Stray Thread

That one stray thread can make you crazy!

You've seen it. Traveling through the quilt show. Marveling at the beautiful workmanship on all the quilts. Log cabin blocks. Baltimore albums. Patchwork. Applique. You notice the colors, the quilting, the shapes.

Then you see it. That dang stray piece of thread. It blends in. . . almost. It matches the quilt. . . sort of. Noticeable, distracting, annoying. Try to look away, but it draws you in. One stray thread.

So remove it. Wait! Hold on! Quilt show rules: "Don't touch the quilts! Hands off! Gloved hands only."

My friend Georgia noticed stuff like that stray thread all the time. She made sure to get a pair of gloves at the quilt show entrance so she could take control of that one stay thread. She knew, it was bound to happen, and she'd be ready!

My friend Georgia passed away about a week ago. She was a quilter. And a fighter. A gem. And a stickler for detail.

I can't wait to go to my next quilt show. I'll be looking for that one stray thread on the beautiful quilts hanging there. And I will remember Georgia.

Will you look for a stray thread, too? Whose memory will it bring back? Who is your one stray thread?

(Thanks Dolly, for sharing this story about Georgia, so I can think of her . . . and smile.)

Warm wishes,


  1. Hi Joan. I'm so sorry to hear of you losing your friend, Georgia. Thinking of you.

  2. I hadn't heard. Sorry to hear this news!