Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fast Forward

I can't believe my last blog post was in March!! What a slug I have been! So, here's the fast-forward version of what's been happening here on the 'highway.'

Be sure to make it all the way to the end of this post. The Strip-Smart Quilts Summer Blog Hop is coming here, starting Friday, June 10!

Seems like the entire month of April disappeared. I signed up to be a first-time exhibitor at International Quilt Market, so I had some preparation to do. Still and all, I took some time to get out and smell the flowers. Spring seemed to be busting out in a big way with a bumper crop of pretty trees and tulips in Franklin Square here in Syracuse.
Love these colors!
Like driving through a flowery-fragrant dream!

A perfect-for-Spring Chunky quilt sample for the local quilt shop.

Featuring "Tidbits" by Kari Ramsey for Henry Glass Fabrics
Hours of hand-applique and machine quilting to complete two banners to hang in the Quilt Market booth.

More busting-out flowers in Salt Lake.

And a mini quilt shop tour. Lots of great shops to visit in Utah. It's important to support the local quilting economy when you travel, don't you think?

Schoolhouse, sponsored by Checker Distributors. I'm on YouTube!! Make some popcorn and check out the video

There's the booth, a quiet moment before the 'opening bell.'

A new pattern. Around Town. Fun! Easier to make than it looks when you use the Creative Grids kaleidoscope double-strip ruler. . .

. . . Plus a new ScrapTherapy place mat and runner pattern, Hot Cross Buns. . .
. . . And some new Snap Sack kits for summer. . .
Regatta. Small wall-hanging.


 . . . Then back home again to celebrate a birthday. Hubby Dave was out of town, but he sent flowers.

Couple days at Gail's camp in the woods. Luna Moth dropped by. Hard to believe this is a bug! It's so beautiful! Quilt inspiration, do you think?

Okay, so that should catch us up! *Phew!* I'm pooped!

So, now what?? Why, funny you should ask!!

The Strip-Smart Quilts Summer Blog Tour is about to begin! Friday, in fact. Kathy Brown's new book is in my hands. Boy, if you want to have some fun with strips and easy quilts, you will love it. But you know me, I'm big on scraps, square pieces, not strips. . . . I might have to get creative!

Here's the itinerary. There's a rumor going around that there will be daily prizes!

See you on the tour!


  1. Oh Wow! I love that bug/moth its beautiful and I have never seen one before. Happy Birthday!!I am off to watch you on Utube now :) Will call back tomorrow to read all about your review of the fabulous new quilt book. :) Hugs Vicki

  2. I bought Kathy's new book...didn't realize I needed a special ruler...and I want one. Want to make every quilt in this new book. Love your site.

  3. The bug is absolutely amazing. I was wondering what it was, saw a leave/flower in it and then it is a but. Unbelievable nature beauty!

  4. This was my first introduction to Kathy's new book, and my oh my, I want it and I want to get that ruler too, I'm inspired! thank you.