Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gotta Love Hummingbirds!

They're back!

Just a few short weeks ago, right before I headed out of town for International Quilt Market in Kansas City, the first hummingbird of the season was spotted at the hummingbird feeders in my yard. Right now, the honeysuckle plant at the end of our front porch is a riot of fragrant blooms, and the hummingbirds are having a field day, visiting frequently.
Honeysuckle in bloom

These tiny creatures make an amazing journey all the way from Central America each Spring just to visit my feeders and my garden! Okay, maybe they have a couple of other things in mind too - like making little hummingbirds. Anyway, I love seeing them so much, I named my design company after them!

At Quilt Market, the hummingbirds made a significant showing on the Hummingbird Highway.

About 50 handmade, scrappy hummingbirds flocked to booth 1210 and were suspended above visitors' heads for the duration of the show!

Do you want your own quilty hummingbirds? They're fun and easy to make and you can have your very own pattern - for free! Just download it here from the Hummingbird Highway website! Then follow the easy steps shown below to begin your flock!


Go to your ScrapTherapy bin and select two coordinated 5" scrap squares. One will be the hummingbird body and one will be the wings. Cut each scrap in half, one diagonally for the body and one across the middle for the wings.

Trace the shapes on one side of the fabrics with a heat-eraseable pen, like a Frixion pen. Center the smaller shape inside the larger shape.

Layer with batting - I like using wool batting scraps because it's nice and fuffly. Pin baste, then quilt on the inner line.

Trim all shapes - two wings and a body - on the outer line.

Sew the wings to the body using two miniature buttons.

Add a hanger loop through the top of the bird body between the wings. Test the placement before you knot the loop so the hummingbird hangs straight.

Yay! These hummingbirds won't migrate in the fall, either.

Happy Hummingbird-Making!

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