Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Bite of the Big Apple

For me, Thanksgiving was a very relaxing holiday. I enjoyed time with family and friends. But no sooner was the table cleared from the big feast, and I was off to New York City for a whirlwind one-day tour filled with shopping therapy.

About a week ago, my neighbor sent out an email. Her nephew was playing in a big hockey game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, November 24. She had rented a bus to take the family to see the game and she had a few extra seats. "Would you like to ride along?" she said in her email.

It didn't take long for me to decide a day in New York would be just the ticket to kick-off the holiday season with some shopping therapy. So my quilty friend, Wenda and I climbed on the bus. Our goal: To answer the question "How much 'damage' can two quilters do in an afternoon in New York City?"

Here's a few pictures to address our 'research.'

Shortly after noon we hit the ground running, so to speak. Just a short walk and we arrived at The City Quilter on 25th Street. No surprise, we managed to make a few choice purchases!


Then it was on to Purl SoHo on Broome Street, just a few blocks south of Houston Street (SoHo), an area known for swanky shopping opportunities.

Purl Soho Entrance

From inside

In between, we walked through neighborhoods and parks, like Washington Square near NYU, which has a fascinating history, as it turns out.

As day turned to evening, we found a yummy restaurant near Union Square, where the Holiday Market - jammed with wonderful shops - offered a unique city-style shopping experience.

And of course, we had to do some window shopping, taking in the holiday displays at Lord and Taylor on 5th Avenue

and at Macy's at Herald Square.

And of course, a stop to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. Decorations in progress. . .

Wow! And I thought I had storage problems. Look at all those boxes of lights!

On the way back to Madison Square Garden, we wandered through Times Square with about a million of our closest friends.

Back on the bus, and back to reality. And back to making holiday treats . . . more on that soon!

Have a terrific week!

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