Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deck the Halls with . . . Paper(?)

Every year, finding a holiday decoration for my front door is a bit of a challenge. I love a fresh evergreen wreath, but because the door is painted black and is mostly in the shade, a dark green wreath just doesn't stand out against the dark door. And sure, I could spray the wreath with paint or that white foamy stuff that looks like snow. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a wreath made of natural branches?

So when I saw this idea, made with plain white copy paper, I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I stopped at the local craft and hobby store to buy a straw wreath and went to work.

To make the wreath, you need a wreath base, about 50 sheets of plain copy paper, some hot glue and a glue gun, some festive ribbon to make a bow, and some wire for hanging.

First, cover the front of the wreath with paper. Wrap each sheet around the wreath to create a base, and hot-glue it in place.

First layer done! Don't worry if the back of the wreath (pictured) isn't pretty, no one will see it any way.

Next, turn the wreath to the front, and crumple one sheet of the copy paper, with just the right amount of crumple - not too much and not too little. Hot-glue the crumpled paper in place.

Keep adding crumpled paper, one sheet at a time. First around the outside of the wreath, then around the inside, then on the front.

Add a bow, and hang the wreath on the door.

What could be easier? Now imagine using pink paper and a pastel-colored bow to celebrate spring!

Happy crumpling and gluing! Have a terrific week!

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  1. Great idea! You could re-cycle your printer papepr rejects (with nonconfidential information).