Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilt-Play in Maine

Last week I was in Freeport and Portland, Maine for a series of quilty events. I was a special guest at Quiltport in Freeport, and was guest lecturer and workshop leader at the Cobblestone Guild in Portland.

I had a fantastic time, and can't say enough about how grateful I am for the kind hospitality and friendly spirit of every single person I met! A special thanks to my good friend Carol McLeod of Aunties Two for making it all possible. More follows.

Everywhere you go in Maine, you are reminded that you have entered a special place when you cross the border. It's quiet there now, but in the summer and fall, all the coastal cities swell with those who seek a more settled pace. Road signs and license plates remind you that this is truly 'Vacationland.'

My first mission upon arriving in Freeport was to visit the huge LL Bean campus and give my wardrobe a little boost. Open 24 hours, LL Bean was very quiet at around 10 pm when I managed to find some good buys.

Next morning, after a yummy breakfast at the hotel, it was time to set up some space to vend at Quiltport. This beautiful old building next to the hotel was the perfect spot to meet and greet anyone who entered.

My spot was just inside the door. I took full advantage of the natural light to showcase some quilty goodies.

Several vendors had lots of quilty temptations to see and buy. This was a rare quiet moment to snap a pic.

On the opposite side of the hotel, some 90 quilters set up their space to sew and chat for the weekend.

Some patterns require a little extra examination.

I was told I couldn't officially be considered a Maine visitor until I had a Whoopie Pie, a classic (and very yummy) Maine specialty. And here, I thought it was all about the lobsters!

By the end of the weekend, Cindy couldn't get her phone back into her purse. Too many sales receipts stuffed in its place.

The load-out is always bittersweet. So much activity converted back to a simple space.

On Monday, Carol McLeod and I took a little break to see some sites. Carol is from Maine, so she was the tour guide and I was the happy tourist. Our first stop was Yarmouth, Maine, and Map Manufacturer, DeLorme, home of the world's largest rotating globe, named Eartha. Coincidentally, we saw Eartha on Earth Day! How cool is that?

Lunch at the Lobster Shack in Portland. This looks like a stairway to no where, but the top of these steps opens to a massive picnic area ready for summer diners. With a bit of a chill in the air, we opted for an inside table.


What's a lobster lunch without a lobster bib?

After lunch, we went to see the famous Portland Head Light, commissioned by George Washington in 1790, and re-dedicated by George H. W. Bush in 1982, then Vice President.

Lovely . . .

Why the three masted ship the Annie C. Maguire went ashore on a calm Christmas Eve is a mystery. All 18 people on board were rescued by the lighthouse keeper. This article says that one of the lighthouse keepers had a parrot named Billy. Leave it to me to turn a tourist site into something 'bird!'

Even along the harsh coast line, spring blooms arrive.

Next up, Cobblestone Quilters in Portland. An evening trunk show and two lively workshops.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Magic Carpet pattern.

The first workshop saw dreary weather. But on day two the sun came out, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to snap a 'class' photo!

What a grand time I had! Can't wait to return to Maine to see my friends again . . . soon!

On Tuesday, I'm headed to the other Portland, the one in Oregon for Spring Quilt Market. Driving out, then flying back. Yep, all the way across the country. I'm very excited. I'll be blogging about my trip on the CraftStylish blog. Won't you follow along? I'll also try to keep you updated on the Hummingbird Highway Facebook page and on Twitter, so watch for updates there, too!

Happy Stitching!



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