Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Very Pleasant Day

Even though it's just a few hours by car from my home, I've never been to the Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company in  York, New York. So when I was invited to do a trunk show and book signing at a special event, I was thrilled, but wasn't quite sure what to expect. Every year, Barb Miller, the owner of this amazing destination shop just outside of Rochester, New York, hosts a review of some of the newest, coolest quilty stuff she unearthed at Quilt Market.

I knew I was headed in the right direction, when a quick glance down the road showed me where all the cars were.

The tent just a few steps away from the shop was all abuzz with quilters waiting to see and sample the latest gadgets on this beautiful early summer Saturday.

Then, just before lunch, it was my turn. Barb, our emcee introduced me . . .

And I turned to face this sea of happy quilters! (I told you when I took this picture I would put you on my blog!)

Well, we had a good chat. Looked at some quilts. And it was wonderful to meet so many quilters who purchased the book and waited patiently for me to sign it.

Then, I just had to take a peek inside the shop.

Of course, I visited the powder room and found some treasures on the wall there. This plaque . . .

And this one . . .

And another on a shelf.

Turns out, there were a lot of distractions in there.

As I headed back down the road, this series of grain storage buildings was at the end of the road. So, you see, I really was smack in the middle of farm land.

(I bet this would make a cool quilt!)

Happy Stitching!


  1. A beautiful shop in the country; a great place to spend the afternoon. :)