Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Flaky World

The ground hog's predictions are coming true, so far. . . .Winter isn't quite done with us yet. 

The river birch in the foreground seems content to wait awhile before showing any signs of spring.

Snow-covered, evergreen branches.

The snowflakes seem to cling to the pine needles, softening them.

In a few months, a hummingbird feeder will hang from the red cap. It'll be abuzz with activity then, but it's pretty quiet right now. As is the bluebird house on the tree trunk.

Indoors, the bulbs I planted a couple of weeks ago continue to progress toward Spring!

Thinking ahead to next week, I'm going to discuss one of my favorite quilty techniques. Do you have a favorite technique? In a sentence or two comment on this post with yours.

In the meantime, 

Happy Stitching!


  1. I don't really have a fav technique but I have discovered that scrap quilting is a wide open field for creativity. I have fun with it and when it becomes a task I put it away. Soon I'll have a truly scrap quilt with no 2 blocks related.

    1. That's so true about scrap quilting. So much variety! - j