Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dinner is Served!

With Quilt Market and Quilt Festival approaching, a lot of my energy and time is going toward preparing quilted samples and printed materials. With all that going on in the sewing room and at the computer, who has time to cook?

And yet, the farmer's market is just loaded with tempting harvest produce this time of year! My family heritage is 100% Polish, and that means a large, fresh head of cabbage translates to only one thing: Golumbki (pronounced go-WHUMB-kee), or stuffed cabbage rolls.

As a kid, I used to watch my mom par-boil a full head of cabbage after cutting out the core, pull off the large leaves one by one as they softened, then stuff them with a mixture of rice, meat, tomatoes, and seasonings. Her hands would skillfully and carefully roll up each leaf, then pack each tidy cabbage roll into a huge roaster pan to finish cooking in the oven. It took all day (it seemed) in the kitchen.

The result was a real harvest treat! A slice down the center of each steaming cabbage roll left room for a touch of savory butter, melting into the center. Just thinking of those days, makes my mouth water. Comfort food, for sure.

I've searched for a recipe that simplified the process, but maintained the flavor and texture from the cabbage rolls. And I think I've finally found the secret formula. Ingredients are tossed together in a lasagne pan then baked--maybe thirty minutes of prep and 90 minutes in the oven--a far cry from the all-day leaf-rolling affair that I remember as a kid. Super easy! Super yummy. And plenty of leftovers!

You want the recipe? Download a copy here.

Enjoy and  . . .

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My mom did the same thing and I've only made her dish once in over 40 years! Can't wait to try your version.