Thursday, January 15, 2015


Every five years or so, Joe stops by to see if we need a new paint job on the exterior of the house. Such was the case last fall. Come to find out Joe also does interiors, and we hired him to paint an upstairs bedroom and hallway at the same time he completed the latest paint job on the exterior of the house.

So, when Joe contacted me last week and said he had some painting time open, I jumped on board.

The small half-bath on the main floor and the dining room have never been painted. I guess I always felt that each room had some unique characteristics that required a little extra care. And that I would 'get right on the project any day now.' We moved into the house nearly 15 years ago. It is time to stop thinking I was going to 'get right on it!' I could also hear my business coach rewinding the words over and over again in my head: "painting isn't your 'brilliance'--let someone whose experience and expertise IS painting handle it."

It's true, Joe has all the right tools and equipment. And he knew exactly what to do to get right down to business. For as long as it took him to do both rooms start to finish, I would have only gotten started and would have lost precious sewing time!! Priorities should always come into consideration!

Only trouble is, you have to be prepared for your life to be completely disturbed for a few days. The contents of my china cabinet found a temporary home on any horizontal surface in my kitchen. Nothing goes back into the cabinet without first experiencing a cycle or two in the dishwasher! (I don't really like to dust, can you tell?)

I have an addiction to . . . I mean . . . a healthy collection of cookbooks, normally stored on a baking rack in the dining room, now relegated to a corner of the floor off the sun room. Some favorites, some not so much. It's time to make some tough decisions . . . Sometimes, less is more.

The dining room kinda looks like a scene from Ghostbusters!

Joe hard at work in the Ghostbusters room!

I'll be putting dishes away for a while, and sorting through cookbooks for the next few weeks, but I have to say, the rooms both look fantastic! And the best part is that I didn't even skip a beat on the sewing machine! Have I motivated you to look up your friendly neighborhood paint-dude?

Happy Stitching!

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