Thursday, March 5, 2015


When it comes to social media icons on my website, I guess I like to be a little different from the rest. I've used little out-croppings of quilt elements I've created, in very loose interpretations of the standard social media icons you see all over the place. I've been advised by many a web-guru, that I should use the standard recognizable symbols, but eh, I like to be different.

In these past few weeks, I decided to re-energize my activity on Instagram. Naturally, it made sense that I have an icon on my website to link to my instagram account. But I didn't really have anything from a quilt that made sense.

So I made one.

Instagram quilted mug mat tutorial

First, I selected a few scraps. I know, the Instagram logo is usually brown, but I like purple!

Instagram quilted mug mat, scrap fabrics

Sewed the 2" scraps in a row, then sewed the row of scraps to a trimmed 5" scrap.

Instagram quilted mug mat, sewing

To make the applique circle center, I used some Quiltsmart Zig Zapps circle interfacing. I only needed one circle.

using quiltsmart circle interfacing

Place the intefacing and 3-1/2" scrap square so the fusible side of the interfacing faces the right side of the fabric. Sew on the 2-1/2" diameter line.

using quiltsmart circle interfacing

Cut on the dotted line.
using quiltsmart circle interfacing

Pull everything inside out through the snip in the interfacing.

using quitlsmart circle interfacing

Then fuse the circle to the background . . .

 . . . . with a hot iron.

making the quilted mug mat

I fused a quilt sandwich together with one 5" pre cut batting square--the same stuff I use in the Mini Mug Mats--the quilt top, and a 5" scrap for backing. I've now got the batting packaged all by itself, just the batting.

making the quilted mug mat

Secure the applique through all layers, and add a little more quilting.

quilt around the circle applique

These two 'angry birds' keep watch over my bin full of binding leftovers.

stuffed bird toys

This purple dotty binding will do . . .

quilt batting leftovers

Sew the binding in place, just like making a Mini Mug Mat.

binding on the instagram mug mat

Turn the folded edge to the back and stitch.

finishing the instagram mug mat


Quilted instagram mug mat

Wouldn't this be cute in a college dorm room? Not that college students drink coffee very much . . *ahem!*

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Happy Stitching!

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  1. This is great! Thank you for posting :) We will be sharing this to our Facebook page