Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Ides of April

Seems like a lot is going on in the middle of April! For Easter dessert, I made a Juniors cheesecake! Super yum!

Juniors Cheesecake book and recipe

The day after Easter, I headed out to Perinton Quilt Guild in Fairport, New York. What a fun bunch of quilters! Say, CHEEEEESE!

Speaking at Perinton Quilt Guild

They are making baby quilts like crazy for a local community service project!

Speaking at Perinton Quilt Guild

And Charlotte showed me her finished Runaway Thread quilt. Love her variation on the border! She wasn't spoolin' around! (Nyuk-nyuk!)

Speaking at Perinton Quilt Guild

Then of course, there's tax day in mid-April. Ew, let's move on from that subject pretty quick. . .

And it seems like I've been spending a fair amount of time this month creating some patterns for this Summer's Row by Row Experience event!

Row by Row Experience pattern writing

With all these water-themed ideas being tossed around, I turn to my little ducky friend for inspiration. He doesn't say much, but he's a good cheerleader!

Rubber duckie

Happy Stitching!

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