Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Purge

Before Quilt Market in Minnesota, seems like things in the sewing studio were happening at a frenzied pace. No time to straighten, tidy, or organize. Every time I went to cut a piece of fabric, it seemed I had to clear a small spot on the cutting mat to make the cut. And, while cutting, I had to be careful that I didn't cut through a pile of completed blocks or cut fabric ready for piecing.

Messy sewing studio

Problem: I have TWO cutting tables in this room. One (below) has been long buried beneath a progressively massive stack of projects on hold. I suppose I should call them UFOs (unfinished objects). But don't projects have to be started to be unfinished? Stacks of untouched fabric ready for the next idea. Crumbs from the last completed project waiting to be replaced in the stash or cut into the scrap bins. The other cutting space had stacks of 'stuff' on every corner and side, leaving just enough space in the center for a small ruler and cut. Not so much fun when you need to trim something bigger!

Messy cutting mat

Ugh, and the cubbies. That third shelf down on the far left. Nightmare. Precarious stacks of lumpy wads of set-aside somethings. Kits, blocks, cut fabrics. . .you name it. Touch one thing and the whole shelf collapses onto the floor.

Messy quilt project shelves

Attack plan: With the long holiday weekend, I rolled up my sleeves and I set my sights on finding the counters again. Armed with a small investment of stackable storage bins newly acquired from a Saturday morning shopping spree at the big box store. Mission One: Find the cutting counter. Several rounds of sort, store, purge, and organize, and behold! A cutting mat is revealed!

Cleared quilting cutting table

Mission Two: Find the second cutting mat. More sorting, storing, purging (what is WITH the MAJOR collection of dried up pens??), stacking, tidying. And ta-da! Another roomy place to cut, plan, and strategize all things quilty.

cleared quilting cutting counter

Mission Three: THAT shelf. Not so much purging, but more sorting, storing, stacking, tidying, and discovery. I found things I had forgotten I had! Almost like a quilty Christmas in May!

Quilt project shelves. improved

Okay. There's still a bit of a nightmare on the sewing table in the foreground, but that's not a space I use a lot, so I can live with that for now. It almost feels like I have a brand new sewing studio with space to cut and stage and sew without feeling cramped! And look at that empty space on the opposite wall! A perfect spot for a quilt, don't you think? How come I didn't notice that before?

After quilting studio clean out

How is your sewing room? Neat as a pin? or time for a re-boot? Either way. . .

Happy Stitching!

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  1. It is a constant battle isn't it Joan? Nothing makes me happier though, to walk into the quilt room and start quilting.
    I'll pay shipping for a wad of scraps if yours get out of hand. I was on the fabric buying wagon from 2001 to last year and to be honest buying fabric no longer interests me...but my scrap bins are very Sharyn, I'd love to shake them up :)

    Thanks for sharing, you have a lovely space. Do you have a working wall? #1 best thing I've done in the quilt room.