Thursday, May 5, 2016

Quilting on a Ship

Thought I'd share a photo journal of last's week's Scrappy & Happy Quilt Cruise to the western Caribbean with Stitchin Heaven Travel. Needless to say, it was quite a fantastic voyage. Enjoy!

Dave and I arrived in Galveston, TX a day early to avoid potential flight delays. We got to walk around a bit to get used to the tropical plants and weather.

Dave spotted this B-17 from our hotel window. Being the military history buff, he had to take a closer look at the flight museum on Galveston Island.

Finally, departure day arrived.

Our ship: Royal Caribbean, Liberty of the Seas.

And our fearless leader, Deb Luttrell of Stitchin Heaven, and me, selfie style.

Wow. The promenade. Big ship!

Our first day at sea, and we're busy working on the project, Runaway Thread. Right, Kim?

By the end of the first day, Sara was making great progress!

This group of gals from Texas flashed a smile in between seams.

Our fearless captain introducing his senior crew. Over 4000 guests on board.

And there's plenty to do while we're cruising to our first destination. This edible bear greets us at the entrance to one of the dining halls, the Windjammer.

Oh, the desserts! Yum!

Our first port, Roatan, Honduras

A puppy dog in the state room upon our return from dinner.

Our second port, Belize. Dave and I took a diving excursion. We picked up some gear for the dive on the Spanish Lookout Caye. So peaceful. This little island resort could be a destination all on its own. 

No drinking until diving is done! Dave grabs a cold one at day's end. One of our fun dive crew, 'The General' gives him the 'thumbs up!' This was an un-Belize-able day!

A boy gets hungry after diving. . . . I'll have what he's having!

Our third stop at Cozumel, a ferry ride, and long bus ride to Chichen Itza. At the center of this ancient holy place stands the Temple of Kukulkan. Amazing! Up until 2008 you could climb the steps which is no longer allowed to keep the ruins from deteriorating. If you stand in the spot where this picture was taken and clap your hands, the echo sounds like the call of the quetzal bird. How'd they do that?

Anyone for a game of basketball? The captain of the winning team is beheaded in a ceremony of honor. (Yikes!)

Back on board and one more day to sew. Look at that border coming together!

And back in port in Galveston under cloudy skies. This fishing boat just outside our stateroom stirred up a lot of interested from the seagulls and pelican.

As well as several dolphins!

It's mind-boggling to imagine the scramble of activity that takes place to prepare the ship for its next group of passengers setting sail in just a few hours.

83 quilters, three teachers, Deb and her staff. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!

I'm telling you, don't miss the next 'Scrappy 'n Happy' cruise adventure in January. . .

Happy Stitching!
joan ford

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