Thursday, December 22, 2016

Down to the Wire

I do about 30 holiday cards for family and friends each year. Ever since I’ve been a quilter, I’ve made a point to make a small quilty ornament to insert in my annual holiday greeting cards.

Some years, the ornament idea pops right into my head - an ornament pattern I’ve found, or something I’ve made up. This year, nothing struck me. No lightning bolts. Nada.

Until . . . rather than make an ornament to insert with the card, I made the quilty object the card itself.

At first I thought about making and sending a holiday postcard, but the post office recommended against it. Too dirty, postage staying put was problematic, etc. I realize that quilty post cards are mailed all over the place all the time, but with the holiday mail volume, I thought it would be a good idea to take their advice.

Of course, all this discussion started after Thanksgiving. A ticking clock seemed to be a constant at my back side.

A trip to the stationery store, some windowed floppy disk storage envelopes, some holiday fabric scraps, several packs of Mug Mat Batting Packs, a couple of fun rulers to play with and this idea started to click. I still have a few more to complete — only a few short mailing days left to stitch, stamp, and send, and this year’s greeting will be history.

I really need to start thinking about this a bit earlier in the year, don’t you think?

At any rate, whether or not you are on my holiday greeting card list, I want you to know that you inspire me every day with your nice comments, notes, and messages throughout the year.

Thanks you so very much for following along. Many happy wishes for a wonderful, peaceful holiday season.

My holiday wish for you: whether you’re quietly relaxing with a small gathering  of friends and family, or if you’ve got lots of visitors, make some selfish time for needle, thread, and fabric during this special season of miracles.

Happy Christmas! Merry Stitching!

Joan Ford


  1. The idea of using disk envelopes is very clever. Did you just label the back side, or put it in another envelope? I have thought about doing the fabric postcards for Christmas, but thought they would get damaged.

    1. Yes, I put the label on the back side. Since the disk envelopes don't have any adhesive - at least the ones I used didn't have any - I had to tape the envelope shut. The mug mat had to be no more than 4-3/4" square (4-1/2" square was better!). One of my addresses had an expired forwarding address, so it came back to me. It was a little 'roughed up' but in pretty good shape considering. I decided on the envelopes after several trips back and forth to my local post office. The station master was concerned about the fabric pieces getting soiled and/or lost with all the extra holiday volume. I suppose that would apply to any time of year, but particularly during the holiday postal rush.