Thursday, January 12, 2017

Packing Planning

I’m headed out of town this weekend for some decadent quilting time with some girlfriends.

When I’m packing for a guild event or workshop, I feel like I’m the queen of packing with lots of lists of quilts and quilty items to vend. I pack the stuff up in containers and bins, and Dave juggles the bins into the back of the car for the trip.

Packing for a social sewing retreat is an altogether different thing. With only three days to sew, and two other quilty women riding along, space should be considered as well as many other essential needs. See if you agree with my packing plans . . .

First, projects to bring. I absolutely have to finish (start AND finish, *a-hem!*) my step outs for the cruise project. My cruise with Stitchin Heaven launches at the end of the month, and I suspect the cruise participants will be eager to learn a few assembly tips. These are the luscious fabrics for the kit. The project is Scrappy Trails.

Once I finish up the step-out samples, I’ll suspect I’ll have some extra time for more projects. This plastic bag contains a mishmash of in-process placemats. This is perfect sewing retreat fodder! It looks like a mess, but it is in fact more organized than you might think. I would sure love to put these on the ta-done list!

And I need an in-between project. You know, that ‘other’ secondary project—the alternate project sewn one seam at a time as the main project is under construction. That stack of white squares was a ‘mistake’ (you’d think I’d figure out it was a mistake before I cut so many!) and the other stuff are leftovers from some pre-cut charm squares. Lots of great color. I think this combo will make a nice something . . . Not sure what exactly, but the fabric will tell me when it needs to. . . .

Can’t go on a retreat without my favorite rulers and cutting tools!

And a little diversion from the quilting, if we can tear ourselves away for a little light-hearted non-sewing break. My niece introduced me to this fun, artsy game on a Chicago visit.

Gotta have some snacks! Kettle corn made by my brother-in-law and Samurai Mix hoarded from my last trip to the Phoenician in Houston.

Oop! Better not forget the sewing machine!

That should do it. For the sewing part, that is. I should probably pack some clothes, a toothbrush, and some PJs.

Tell me, when you go on a sewing retreat, do you plan ahead, or do you grab and run? I kinda feel like I get more done if I do a little planning, then let the chips fall where they may. The real question will be what comes back from the retreat! Even if I spend the whole time socializing and not a stitch sewn, it will be time well spent, don't you think?

Happy Stitching!

Joan Ford

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