Thursday, March 9, 2017

IT is here!

What is ‘it’ you might be asking. . . .

“It” is ScrapTherapy, The Versatile Nine Patch!

I wasn’t expecting the newest, coolest book in the ScrapTherapy family to arrive until much later this month or sometime in April, but SURPRISE! Here it is!

The Back Story

Somewhere along the way, I got addicted to making 9-patch blocks, what with the popularity of the cover quilt (99 Bottles) from my second book,  ScrapTherapy, Scraps Plus One! Then there was the introduction of three awesome interfacing products to make itty bitty, mediumly-small and smallish 9-patch blocks.

It simply made sense that my next book would feature the amazingly versatile 9-patch block, and scrap fabrics, of course.

This newest book in the ScrapTherapy family, ScrapTherapy, The Versatile Nine Patch includes a review of the ScrapTherapy process - seven basic steps to help you get your scrap fabrics organized so you can use them in beautiful scrappy quilts.

But the really fun part of the book is the projects - 18 of them along with full color photographs and step-by-step illustrations. Unique, fun-to-make quilty projects featuring variations on a classic quilt block - the 9-patch.

Are you an Early Bird?

I promised you some fun BONUSES. . .

Here’s your chance to get the book as well as some exciting bonuses available for a limited time only available for book purchases made through the Hummingbird Highway.

When you buy the book here, you can earn up to FOUR bonuses. Each bonus package will last 2 days. After two days, one of the bonuses will go away. Then after two more days, another bonus will go away. Two more days, and yet another bonus goes bye-bye.

Get the picture? The longer you wait, the fewer bonuses you get . . . Only trouble is, you won’t know which bonus will disappear as the clock ticks away!
Here’s the bonus time line
(all times are east coast US time):

The Early Bird
Until midnight March 11th, 2017, receive four bonuses.

The Morning Dove
From March 12th, 12:01am through midnight March 13th, receive three bonuses.

The After Loon
From March 14th, 12:01 am through midnight March 15th, and receive two bonuses.

The Nightingale
From March 16th, 12:01 am through midnight March 17th, receive one bonus.

What are the Bonuses?
  • A signed copy of the book along with a soothing cup of limited edition Republic of Tea Wild Blueberry tea (since it'll be hard to send you the cup of tea, I'll send you a tea bag - you hafta boil the water). If you want your inscription personalized with your name, add a note with the specifics in the comment section in the cart purchase.
  • A 9-patch chart excerpted from the book delivered in pdf format that details finished and unfinished size of common 9-patch blocks and the block elements needed to make them.
  • A Sampler Pack of interfacing. One panel each of the Mini, Middle, and Little scrap grid included. Several of the patterns in the book can benefit from the interfacing, so here’s your chance to try-before-you-buy! Delivered with the book.
  • A pattern for the 9-in-the-Corner Pillow. Wouldn’t you know, this author got a little long-winded when creating the content for ScrapTherapy, The Versatile Nine Patch. A couple patterns didn’t fit in the book. This is one of the fabulous patterns that landed on the cutting room floor for no other reason than it simply didn’t fit! Delivered in pdf format.

This offer is only valid for purchases of ScrapTherapy, The Versatile Nine Patch made through the Hummingbird Highway between March 9-March 17, 2017. No exceptions. One bonus per cart order. 

Are you ready?

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford
Head Hummer
Hummingbird Highway

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