Thursday, October 12, 2017

Loud and Clear

A few weeks ago, while I was on vacation, this blog featured a little bundle with the goodies to make itty-bitty log cabin ornaments.

I’ve been working on mine diligently between a couple other items on the sewing table these last few weeks. They are coming along, but I still have quite a few more to make. . .

Last week, after I did an inventory of the fabric that was leftover from the first round of  orders and shipments, I discovered that I had three kits left - they were sold within the first hour or so after I mentioned it the newsletter.

I hear you Loud and Clear

Since then I’ve had a couple of requests for the pattern by itself and more bundles. This is an easy fix. They are now both available in the shopping cart. The bundle no longer includes the fabric — that’s gone. But there is no reason you can’t substitute with a quick run to the fabric shop for some holiday prints (you gotta love an excuse to make a run to the quilt shop! - AKA F.A.R.T. - Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) Or sub-in something from your stash or scrap bins for these little cuties.

So here we go. One last time (I promise!)

The bundles are available here. Includes pattern, Mini Clover Wonder Clips, 12 3-1/2” fusible foam batting squares, and the Mini Log Cabin Trimmer.

The patterns are now available on their own here. Note that the pattern more or less requires the Mini BlocLock Log Cabin Trim Tool.

Since I really like tools that can be used for more than one purpose. How about using that little Mini Log Cabin tool to make a mock flange? Logs start out as 7/8” strips, then get sewn and trimmed into the little ornaments. Why not start with long strips that are 7/8” wide then sew them to your quilt where you want a flange - in between borders for example. Trim then add the binding or next border.

Skip the long flange accent strip that is folded then sewn in. Those dern flanges always get a mind of their own when the quilt gets washed anyway. If the “flange” is sewn in like a border, it’ll behave! Trimming with the groove in the ruler keeps the strip even - no wibble-wobbling all over the place. Plus, your long arm quilter will kiss your feet!

Keep the questions and comments coming. I’m here for you! *Wink!*

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford

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