Thursday, January 3, 2019

Old, New, and In Between

When I wasn't celebrating holidays with family and friends, I set aside some time to work on projects. Some old, some new, and some fall somewhere in between.

First, before I get too far along, in the last newsletter, I mentioned something about using the waste threads from my ornaments as bird nesting material. I don't actually put out thread and yarn scraps for the wild birds to use in their nests. It's actually not a good idea - threads can get tangled in tiny birds' feet and legs, eventually strangling them. 

holiday ornaments and holiday DIY gifts

This article gives a really good overview of what to include and not include if you like to put out nesting materials for your wild feathered friends. Be sure to read through the comments for more specifics than outlined in the article. It may seem early to think about this kind of thing, but migrating birds start hunting for nesting sights as early as February and March even as far north as my area (central New York), and even earlier in other parts of the country.

Back to stitchy stuff. . .

Old stuff. Just before Christmas I lamented that this project (below) wasn't going to make it under the Christmas tree gift pile this year. And it didn't. But I'm happy to say that during the week in between the holidays, I spent some concentrated effort to get the four-block table runner to the ready-to-quilt stage (below, below). The pattern is loosely based on Journey to Paducah a free pattern from AQS. 

holiday ornaments and holiday DIY gifts

holiday ornaments and holiday DIY gifts

Sorta Old, Sorta New Stuff. Every month, a new bird block is released and a block kit, including pre-cut fabrics and pattern, is shipped to members of The FLOCK. Before any kit is shipped, I make the block at least twice, once with scrap fabrics and once with the 'real' fabric from the kits. Then I use the 'real' block to make a quilted sample - like in the photo below.

The flock bird quilt blocks

But that doesn't leave me with any 'real' blocks to make into projects. That means I make more blocks 'when I have time' which translates to: I don't get back to it! I started making bird blocks on a regular schedule this past week. The Gray Catbird block (one of my favorites!) is shown, in progress, below.  

The flock bird quilt blocks

New stuff. I'm a jigsaw puzzle girl. Love them! Perhaps that's why I like quilting so much, quilt blocks feel like jigsaw puzzles to be solved. Normally I don't have time for them, but treat myself to one or two puzzles during the holiday season.


I spread out the pieces on a table, then listen to a recorded book. I mentioned something a while back about the Outlander books, that they didn't really grab me when I first tried listening. Well, I gave them another try. I'm on book two. Lordy, they are long. Good thing this puzzle is a toughie. Plenty of puzzling time ahead if I stick with the 7 (plus 2) books to come in the series.

Not New but Not Old either. These hardanger sampler blocks are on hold for the moment. I ran out of thread. I'm using some variegated threads  from Artfabrik (my favorite for any kind of embroidery) and ran out of this color - I think it's called Wild Rice.

Now that I've looked up the website, I should place my order before the next 'squirrel' crosses my path.

hardanger embroidery

Definitely New. I've had the threads for this cross stitch project for a while. I love the bright colors. This is going to be a very stylized hummingbird. It kinda looks like a flying fish right now, but give it time. . .

Lots of teeny-tiny X's in this one. I'm using 32 count jobelin cloth - that's a pretty high thread count. I might be blind by the time I'm done stitching!

hummingbird cross stitch embroidery

I think that should keep me busy into the first few weeks of 2019. How about you? Did you start something new, play with something you've already started, or forget the stitching all together and get cozy with a quilt, a movie, and a cocktail or two?

It all works for me! *Wink!*

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Beautiful colors on that hummingbird. I can't wait to see it finished.