Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's a Skinny Mini?

A Skinny Mini is a kit that is available at independent quilt shops. It's new (designed by me!) and it will be introduced at Quilt Market (a big trade show for fabric retailers and quilt shops) in Houston over the weekend.

A Skinny Mini is like a quilted table runner, but is a little bit narrower and a little bit shorter, so it's perfect for those places in your home where a table runner is too long or too wide. All finished, it's about 6x40". Window sills, plant shelves, sofa tables. Hang them on the wall to brighten a tight spot. Cheer up even the most plain powder room by placing a Skinny Mini on the toilet tank top! 

The kits are unique in that all the fabric needed to make the Skinny Mini is included in a handy little zipper bag. The patterns are named after friends and customers. Who wouldn't want to be a Skinny Mini?! The first pattern in the series to be released this weekend is named Roberta. And she's a doll! Fast and easy to make in time for the holidays.

If you are a quilter, ask for Skinny Minis at your favorite quilt shop! If you're going to be at Quilt Market in Houston, stop by the Brewer Quilting and Sewing Supplies booth to see me. Brewer is the exclusive distributor for the Skinny Mini kits.


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  1. How can I find a quilt shop that carries this pattern or kit.