Monday, November 9, 2009

Apples and Cider!

With my October full of speaking and teaching engagements around New York state, including New Quilters on the Block Guild in Candor and Lake to Lake Guild in Gorham, it was finally time to take a break for a little fun travel.

Saturday was a picture-perfect day around here, so it was an absolutely terrific day for my sisters and me to head out on an annual journey - to Fly Creek Cider Mill, of course!

Fly Creek is located in Central New York near Cooperstown, well-known as the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Every fall, for the last several years, we start thinking 'Fly Creek' when the leaves start to turn. To make the annual trip even more memorable, we put on our matching pumpkin applique sweatshirts before we jump in the car.

The cider mill houses a 19th century water turbine as well as a gas turbine installed in 1924. Both engines support the production of good old-fashioned apple cider! Yum!!

But, 100,000 visitors to the cider mill per year don't just come for the cider, the mill is a virtual cornucopia of apple treats, delicious fudge, to-die-for cheddar cheese (aged in nearby Howe Caverns), soup and dip mixes, and what seems like about a million other products! On Saturday, I managed to put a good dent in the holiday shopping list!

By the way, there's a great little quilt shop in Fly Creek, too! You simply must go!



  1. nice blog. Smiles E. Bossers

  2. Thanks Joan for coming to Candor. So totally enjoyed the day and love your patterns.