Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Distraction

Every year, my two sisters and I get together during the long Thanksgiving weekend to make Christmas cards. We have a friendly competition to see who has the most creative card idea.

This year is no exception. We're getting together on Saturday, and I'm getting my creative juices in gear. I've decided to incorporate a handmade ornament in my holiday greeting cards. Wanna see? . . .

I started with A Christmas Story by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. The book has several absolutely adorable projects, some of them featuring cute little holiday-themed medallions. I decided to use the medallions for my ornaments, using a construction method not in the book.

First, I traced the medallions onto ivory muslin and then embroidered them by hand. I used one strand of hand-dyed embroidery thread by Valdani. Okay, yes, it's time consuming, but so relaxing. And isn't it a treat when you can escape the holiday insanity with a little handwork?

I cut the embroidered medallions apart, then used Quiltsmart SmartEase Circles to make my embroidered pieces into perfect circles that can now be fused to a backing. For my backing I'm using felted wool - because it's soooo nice and yummy!

Align one QuiltSmart Circle centered over the embroidery, right side of embroidery facing the bumpy or fusible side of the interfacing. Cut the center 'X' of the circle first, so you can turn it later!

As with most QuiltSmart applique products, sew on the solid line, cut on the dotted line. Then turn the ornament right side out.

Fuse the medallion to a piece of wool, then trim the wool even with the medallion. Back to the handwork - with two strands of embroidery thread, blanket stitch around the outside to hold it all together. Add a hanger - I used Aurifil wool thread for the hanger.

And ta-da!!

So you're probably thinking, 'How does this become a Christmas card?' I have no idea! But I'll have to figure that out by Saturday, eh? I'll keep you posted.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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  1. Beautious! Love them, Can't wait to see the cards.