Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festive Finishing!

A few years ago, my sister gave me a bunch of cross-stitch pieces. Beautifully done. Colorful. Several of them with quilt blocks incorporated into the cross stitch patterns, holiday patterns, florals, and hearts. There were probably about a dozen rolled up canvases, all different, ready to become 'something.'

My sister, who doesn't sew, requested: "Make something out of these, no rush." She did the work on them when her daughter, my niece, was taking ballet lessons. You know the drill, mom in the background, waiting during rehearsals, reading, knitting, stitching while they wait to provide the ride home. My niece is thirty-something, now. Got married this summer. Doesn't need a ride home from ballet lessons anymore.

Every once in a while I pull out the cross stitch canvases. Get inspired. . . or not. A few have become pillows. Others wait their turn. Waiting to become something.

Last week, I ran across those canvases again, while moving fabric from one part of the stash to another. Decided to play. Pulled out some scrap fabrics (I have a few of those!), bought some fabric (I love doing that!) and dug in. During a workshop last Friday, Eddie suggested that I make some quarter-square triangles to mimic the X in the stitchery (good idea!).

And then the project had a life of its own. Sew. Test. Cut. Sew some more. Play. Sew. Trim. Turn. Quilt. And voila! Add a few jingle bells and a door. A project started in 1989 (the date on the stitching) is complete a mere 20 years later!

Here's a challenge for you: Do you have something lurking in your stash, waiting to become a gift this holiday season? Skip the mall! Shop in your stash instead.

Now, what do you think I should do with these?

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  1. Great job Joan... although I imagine it looks even better in REAL LIFE. Sorry we missed you at the shop today ;)

    marcia, marcia, marcia