Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A True Story

With Christmas only about a week away, I thought you might enjoy this variation on a familiar theme. The "Sgt. Ford" referred to in the poem is, in fact, my husband and this really happened to him last year. Enjoy!


'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the mess hall,
The soldiers were restless
Planning many a phone call.

The deployment was over,
From Afghanistan, they'd come,
But a holiday with family
Simply could not be done.

To Fort Bragg they'd arrived,
All safe and all sound.
Paperwork, physicals,
And meetings abound.

Before they could fly home,
Via military transport,
They had to check boxes
On forms and reports.

When out from the office,
Did the Commander shout clear,
"My family's in North Carolina,
And we have no reindeer!"

"Sgt Ford, you're selected!
To bring Santa's sleigh
For the party this evening
and the kids who will play."

"Here's a box with a suit,
It has a hat and red trim.
Get dressed for the party,
And be wearing a grin!"

To the barracks Ford went
To don the suit from the box,
Just in time to discover
It was missing the locks.

The suit was all there,
No boots, but who cares.
The red coat and red hat,
But no facial hairs!

With the feast in one hour
There was no time for passes.
It was off to K-Mart
On Christmas Eve with the masses.

To the back of the store,
And the front of the aisle,
No beard or hair-do
Would be found for a while.

A call to the Commander
To deliver bad news,
"Christmas with Santa, it seemed,
Just could not come true."

Commander to children,
Tucked in the back seat:
"You don't mind that St. Nick
Had to shave to be neat?"

"Security is tight,
On military bases, you see,
So to reveal his identity,
Santa, clean shaven, he'll be."

The kids both agreed,
"Santa's Santa, no matter.
The beard is no issue.
Let's get on with the clatter!"

So Santa arrived,
No beard on his face,
And he sat down to visit
With Tommy and Grace.

The humvee was parked
Outside the front door.
The reindeer, he told them,
Waited for the grand tour.

With all satisfied,
Santa went out to his deer
For his trip to deliver
Lots of toys and good cheer.

And as he drove the humvee,
To catch up with the sleigh,
He wished, "The best of the Season,
And a great Christmas day!"

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