Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stop! Smell the Flowers.

It seems like everyone around the country is talking about record-breaking heat this summer. Summer is my favorite season, so I never really mind the heat. But add in humidity, and my motivation decreases dramatically.

So, when the sultry summer doldrums set in, it's good to slow down and smell the flowers.

Last weekend my friend Karen Lockwood held the annual FingerLakes Lavender Festival on her farm. Saturday was one of those hot humid days of summer, but I simply couldn't resist the short drive through the scenic village of Skaneateles and along the western side of Skaneateles Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, to pick some lavender.

The Finger Lakes Lavender Festival, at Lockwood Lavender Farm, Skaneateles, NY

From all appearances, it looked like the event was a smashing success with vendors selling crafty items and speakers scheduled throughout the day.

And of course, the lavender. Bunches of lavender were hanging in the new drying barn, waiting to become lotions, soaps, and fragrant yummy things, all available to purchase from the farm during the festival and throughout the year.

Lavender, hanging to dry.
I couldn't resist picking my own bunch of lavender. Not only did I stop to smell the flowers, but I brought some home with me, too!

Stay cool, smell the flowers, and relax with some stitching!

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