Monday, July 30, 2012


Last week I received a couple of comments about the picture of two of my pet birds, Doodle and Woodstock, that I posted on some of the social sites and on this blog. Some of you may know that, sadly, we lost our 10-year old Sun Conure in June. The house was too quiet without her, so off we went to Birds Unlimited in Webster, NY; they specialize in hand-raised baby birds.

We really only wanted one new pet bird, but these two seemed to be pretty good friends, and we couldn't split them up. So they both came home with us. Doodle is a Sun Conure, she still has her juvenile feather coloring. She'll be covered in bright yellow and orange feathers and only a little bit of green in about a year. Woodstock is a Jenday Conure. She has her adult feather coloring with a bright yellow head, orange breast and green wings.

Their personalities are distinctly different! Doodle's personality fits her name. She's into everything! Woodstock is the 'Steady-Eddie' of the pair.

I wanted one good picture of the two of them together for the newsletter last week. And it was like herding cats to get a good shot. Just look at this sequence of pictures, and maybe you'll see what I mean! Woodstock is perfectly posed in each picture. Doodle is . . . well, being Doodle!

Here they are standing on a stuffed "Serta Counting Sheep" toy near a window.
Woodstock is ready for her close-up. Doodle is nibbling on the sheep ear!
Now, Doodle is curious about the camera, messing up the focus.
Woodstock is happy. What's Doodle doing?
Again, Woodstock looks great. Doodle is in motion and blurred.
'Nuff said.
If you have a pet, you know they can be joyfully distracting! And that's why we let them into our hearts.



  1. Making a group picture of people or pets is always a riot! I have four dachshunds. This was the post I did on my blog after I tried to make a group picture after Christmas last year!

  2. Yes, Beth, this looks very familiar! Funny and cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Miss Taryn thinks that Doodle is not a very good listner! She thought they were very cute tho! Janine