Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scrappy Tulips

I met Janice Pope, pattern designer, and the creative energy behind Anything But Boring at a conference this spring. We chatted about lots of things as if we have been friends forever! Coincidentally, we also have the same website designer! (the fabulous Holly Knott!)

Months after the conference, Janice went on a quiltling retreat weekend and took some scrap fabrics and a copy of the book, ScrapTherapy, Cut the Scraps! She cut up her scraps, sorted them, coordinated them, and sewed them into color families and in no time at all (less than two hours!) she had a scrappy version of the Two Hour Tulip Bag! She had so much fun, and had a few more fabrics, she made another one!

Aren't they cute? Even the inside lining is scrappy! 

Inside of bag
She said she started with four 5" scrap squares for the bottom of the bag where the panels all come together. Then she arranged and sewed smaller shapes a little at a time until she had what she needed for each of the side panels. 
Side panel with smaller scraps showing

Easy and fun! So, she's contributing to our GREAT Summer Orphan Block Prize Package. Add to the list, a Two Hour Tulip Purse Pattern! 

Thanks, Janice!

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