Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy Sewing Gadget, Batman!

Many of you may know that I sew on a Bernina sewing computer. At home, I have the Bernina 820 set up in a cabinet. When I'm out and about, I typically take a Bernina 730 which has a lot of the larger machine's features but it's a little more moveable. 

Earlier this week I entered into a conversation with some of the folks at Bernina about the Summer Orphan Block Challenge. And don't you know, they offered an addition to the Grand Prize Package! 
Seventeen sewing tools in one!

The Swiss Sew Essential Tool is like a Swiss Army knife for quilters. Can you believe this? It has seventeen different gadgets all built into one! Including:

   1. Seam Ripper
   2. Needle Threader
   3. Needle Insertion Tool
   4. Textile Marker
   5. Embroidery Wand
   6. Replacement Lead Set
   7. Seam Gauge and Buttonhole Measurer
   8. Bodkin for Lace and Elastic
   9. Scissors
   10. Magnifier
   11. Small Screwdriver
   12. Magnet for Pins and Needles
   13. Rotary Cutter (Olfa blade)
   14. Thread Cutter
   15. Stiletto
   16. Tweezers
   17. Awl

This really cool tool could be yours. All you have to do is make something out of your orphan quilt blocks. And follow the contest rules to enter and win! 

I'm tellin' ya - you'd better get sewing! 

Thank you, Bernina!

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