Thursday, January 10, 2013

Social Stitching

I'm headed into the Adirondacks for the weekend. It's a quilt retreat. 20 or so women from all parts of northern New York will descend upon Minnowbrook Conference Center with fabric, thread, sewing machines and projects.  Lots and lots of projects. This is an annual event. And I'm a charter member. Lucky me!

You know the drill. Load up the car. Stacks and stacks of things to do. Then take one project back in the sewing room, because you know in your heart-of-hearts you won't have enough time to get to everything you packed.

This time, I have a plan . . . I think . . .

I've made a list.

1) When I was in Newtown last week delivering quilts for the families and first responders there, I picked up the quilt samples from the second book (due in April!). The last time I saw these quilts, it was springtime. Many of them had been finished barely in time for their beauty shots for the book. Several of the quilts don't have labels. In my mind, making labels for these quilts is my first priority for my weekend.

I suppose I can throw together some simple labels, scratch some information on a scrap piece of fabric with a pigma pen, then sew the label to the back of the quilt. But I'd rather play a bit. I like when a label has more character! I found a couple of tools in my bag of tricks that might do nicely.

The Quilt Label Collective is a CD full of illustration files. I have volume 1, I think there are more now. I can print the labels onto photo transfer fabric or just print them and trace them onto fabric for some fun embroidery.

Here's one designed by Kim Schaefer that might make a really cute embroidered label, don't you think?

Then, I found this book - Two Hour Cross Stitch Flowers. I tried one, they really do only take about two hours to make. I bet that little stitched flower would make a nice embellishment on a quilt label, don't you agree?

2) I really want to play with some new Creative Grids rulers. I've been fooling around with the Circle Savvy Ruler. It's really fun. And the Double Wedding Ring ruler. I've never made a double wedding ring quilt before. I wonder if I can use my scraps with this baby . . . Gotta, gotta play with it!!

3) I have this table runner I'm working on for a new pattern coming up. I'd love to finish the sample. Oops! Can't show you that one yet!

4) Other miscellaneous stuff I gotta, gotta, gotta do . . I have a block to make for a quilt gift. I have some samples to make for a workshop coming up. You know, a bunch of small things that can add up to a lot of time in the sewing room. Better bring my scraps!

5) Then there's one extra project. Should I, shouldn't I bring it? I'm working on a new pattern that is really, REALLY fun! But my sample isn't quilted yet. Should I throw it in? Maybe that one should stay home and wait for sewing time next week.

I want to come home feeling satisfied with my progress, not feeling overwhelmed with things undone. Do you have a social sewing strategy? Do share!


PS. Here's a quick picture of Audrey (back left), Renee (back right), and me, surrounded by quilts for Newtown families and first responders. Things seem a little chaotic in Renee's office at the moment, but while I was there plans were starting to come together for each and every quilt. 

Audrey belongs to a local women's organization, WIN that will help The Taunton Press deliver the quilts. 

Many thanks to all those who sent a quilt and good wishes. I hope to be able to provide more updates soon.

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  1. I have never commented on here before, but I just wanted to tell you to have a great time in the Adirondacks, I am from the Lake George area, actually Warrensburg is where I grew up. I now live just outside of the Adirondacks, in Hartford, NY. But I have been to Blue Mntn Lake and it is beautiful up there. Just wanted to say have a good time.