Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Mouse Pin Cushion

Sweet Hearts Snap Sack
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Here in the US, Valentine's Day is a pretty big deal. Restaurants will be busy for dinner. Flowers, confections will be exchanged. The perfect day for a little indulgence. From a sweetheart, a secret admirer, or from yourself! (Why not?!) Perhaps I have an idea for a little treat you might like to make for your sewing room. I made one for myself earlier this week.

My quilt guild meets once a month, except for the summer months. February is always a fun workshop day.

Several little projects are offered. Everyone brings a sewing machine, little clusters of project groups form, and it's down to sewing. Most of the projects are small.

Sometimes I lead a project group. And sometimes I join in and just sew. Mostly I try to stay out of trouble. . . which doesn't always work.

This week I joined in and made something that didn't fall into my usual comfort zone. I'm typically not a big fan of making three dimensional things like dolls or stuffed animals.

But there is something about making a pin cushion that tempts me every time.

So when the project offering was a little mouse-shaped pin cushion, stuffed with sand, complete with a wire tail that doubles as a thread-holder, I couldn't resist.

The Little Mouse Needle and Thread Keeper pattern by Art Fabric Studio, includes several of the non-fabric needs to make the project, like beads and wire. In addition, Nancy, our group leader, was nice enough to provide some of the additional elements like the sand and some fiber fill scraps.

Little Penelope (the last step in the pattern is to give your mouse a name) was finished by the end of the session. And she already has a little sister in process who will be orange with brown ears. I think maybe her cute little hind-end might need a couple of embroidered daisies, don't you agree?

At any rate, it was a nice break and a fun project.

Have a great week & happy stitching!

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