Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Things, Small Packages

I love it when a package filled with fabric arrives in the mail. My good friend Janet Wecker-Frisch has a new line of fabric with Quilting Treasures called "Draw Near." I just love these little paint box colors. I'm in the process of using them in a new project. More on that soon!

And, I have a new table runner pattern in the works. The sample isn't quite done yet, it's basted, but not quilted. I used the Mini Scrap Grid to make the small 9-patches (of course!). You can use your scrap fabrics or, this one features a brand new set of pre-cut Snaps from Hoffman. Can you believe it's called Hummingbird?! Had to have it! Had to use it! Only problem, the table runner pattern needs a name, and then it's off to the printer and will be ready to purchase at your local quilt shop very soon! Leave a comment below with your suggestion!

On Saturday, I headed to Hamlin, NY, just west and north of Rochester. The Country Neighbors Quilt Guild asked me to lead a workshop. The group decided on 99 Bottles from the book ScrapTherapy, Scraps Plus One!

Before we got too far along, Vicki had a show-and-tell. Bloomin' Steps from ScrapTherapy, Cut the Scraps! Very nice! Love the jewel tone colors!

Back to the business at hand. We used the Mini Scrap Grid to make the mini 9-patches for the 99 Bottles quilt.

Pot luck lunch included tons of great options. And a whole table just for desserts. Yum! That creamy cake thing on the right was full of fresh berries and fruit.

There are all types of people in this guild! Those who were there to play hard, share a laugh and a smile, and maybe do a little sewing. . . .

 . . . high achievers who were way too shy to express themselves freely. . .

 . . . and the creative souls who express themselves in ways you hadn't imagined before.

While it may not seem like a lot was accomplished. Nearly everyone managed to get at least one miniature 9-patch complete in time for the group shot. Only 491 9-patches to go!

Thaaaat's Niiiiice!

Want to have a fun quilty workshop with me at your guild or shop? Just sent Tracy an email and she'll get things set up on the calendar. In the meantime . . .

Happy Stitching!


  1. SUCH a great time! Thanks so much for coming to town to play with us!!

    1. Fun for me to. You ladies sure are unique!

  2. Yes, Joan, I totally agree. It was a very fun day! I have been nine patching ever since!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the fabric Joan.

  4. How about "Darting About" or "Darting Here and There" or "Heading in a New Direction". Love the runner. Great pics of the workshop ladies!