Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alone? . . . Never!

Labor Day. The last 'official' weekend of the summer. At least it is here in the US.

Since I've had a busy summer with lots of fun travel adventures, when the weatherman predicted nice weather for Labor Day Monday, I decided to spend a little alone-time on the back patio with some stitching.

I never expected that 'alone' would involve so many visitors!

Ever-present chipmunks scurried around under the feeder filling their cheek pouches with seed. . . .

Mr. Groundhog showed up for his share (or hers--not sure if this is a Mr. or a Ms.) . . .

The activity on the ground didn't stop the traffic at the feeder above. Goldfinch, (soon to return to the olive drab color way for the winter months), nuthatch, chickadee, woodpecker, and mourning dove all stopped by.

Making the Chocolate Bunny pose, this bun-bun is only about 6" long. He made his (again, might be a 'she') first appearance in the yard in early August when 'he' was no larger than the palm of your hand. So cute!

And, of course, the day wouldn't be complete without the constant buzzing about at the nectar feeders. . . Looks like she brought her own sewing needle . . . or is that a sippy straw?

And with all the activity in the yard, I never could shake that odd feeling that something was watching me from behind . . . maybe from an upstairs window. . .

I can't say that I made tons of progress with my cross-stitch project.

That's alright. I rather enjoyed the visitors.

Happy Stitching!

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