Thursday, August 27, 2015

Canyons, Waterfalls, and Blossoms

Nestled off the beaten trail in western New York, Letchworth State Park seems to have it all! Natural history--the 600-foot canyons were formed by centuries of erosion from the flow of the Genesee River. History--a place of significance for the Seneca Nation. Beauty and recreation--well-maintained trails, campsites, top-rated dining.

Perhaps, the park is best known for it's three distinctly different waterfalls. Here the Upper Falls, are just visible in the background with the grand Middle Falls at the center. The iron railroad bridge, barely visible in the distance due to overcast weather conditions, has been rebuilt from it's original wooden construction.

Letchworth State Park, Overlook

Viewing the Lower falls is best from a stone bridge across the Genesee River (the river that formed the canyon in the first place).

Letchworth State Park, Lower Falls

Of the three, the Middle Falls are perhaps the best known. Water cascades over layers of rock at this point of the park. A perfect place for a selfie with my friend and 'hostess,' Janet Lutz of Calico Gals and Row by Row Experience fame. She's from this part of the state and has visited the park many times. Making her the perfect tour guide.

Letchworth State Park, Middle Falls, Janet and Joan

The path along the river is varies between stone steps, and well-trodden dirt paths, lush with deep green, late summer foliage.

Letchworth State Park, trails

Fragrant wild honeysuckle near the Upper Falls. (Complete with busy bee!)

Letchworth State Park, honeysuckle

Can it possibly be time for the New York Aster to be in bloom? Late summer seems to have snuck up on me somehow!
New York Aster

Joepie Weed also reserves its bloom for the August show.

Joepie Weed

The park would not exist but for the donation of land by Buffalo, NY businessman, William Pryor Letchworth. His rural home, Glen Iris, includes lodging, fine dining (sampled by Janet and me, of course!), shopping, and beautiful grounds.

Letchworth State Park, Glen Iris

Decor for lunch on the outdoor porch included these huge hydrangea blossoms.

Letchworth State Park, gardens

Like any good journey, it's always so sad to come to the 'end of the trail!' I tell myself, I'll be back and I feel a little better.

How about you? Any last minute Summer vacation-grabs on your radar? Some of the best treasures can be found within driving distance from your own backyard.

Happy Stitching!

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