Thursday, September 17, 2015

Under . . . wear?

Brrr. Last year was particularly rough for ice build-up here in central New York state. One morning in March, we were met with a miniature waterfall in the sun room, AKA my office space. Not fun.

With my crazy schedule during the first part of the summer, I'm just getting around to making the necessary repairs. It was determined that when the house was built, 15 years ago, inadequate insulation was used in the cavity between the ceiling and the roof therefore, the roof needed to be removed, new insulation inserted, then the roof was replaced. All this week. More repairs are coming, but this *should* resolve the annual ice build-up and subsequent damages.

Maybe it was because of the repairs going on overhead. Or perhaps it was the side conversations over the weekend when I took a break to spend the day sewing with quilty girlfriends, but something motivated me to look at the top dresser drawer--yup that's where I keep my underwear!--with a new perspective.

I'm too embarrassed to show you the before picture of the drawer. Here it is empty

And here are the contents of that ONE drawer, all of it strewn on my bed. Oy!

And I also needed an empty grocery sack for the things that weren't going back in the drawer.

As I sorted, I thought hard (although not too hard, it's underwear, after all!) about what I should keep and what really doesn't float my boat any more. Oh, and did I tell you I have a 'thing' with fun socks? The decisions were harder with the socks, pair by pair. Then I folded them neatly back into the drawer. Nice! (Added bonus, the drawer closes easily - who knew!)

Found some interesting things along the way. I'm sure there are lots of people reading this that don't even know that this is or how to operate it. Buh-bye!

The bag is about 2/3 full. Not bad! I'm pretty proud of myself at this point.

Then I opened the second drawer. Oh man! More stuff. This drawer isn't quite as messy as the first one. But still, how does this happen?? Some of the socks in this drawer are useless - you know it's bad when you see little shreds of elastic sticking out all along the edge of the sock and the cuff looks like it could fit over your head!

Dump, sort, and organize drawer 2.

I think that's enough purging for one after noon!

The things I found, I tell you what . . . What is WITH all the EMPTY jewelry boxes? Is there some other world where I think I'll actually store necklaces and earrings back in these boxes? The necklaces and earrings are all wadded up on the shelf over by the wall . . .

. . . Rut-roh, maybe, I'm not quite done with this project yet . . .

Happy Stitching!

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