Thursday, October 29, 2015

More than a Little Scary

Several years back, as Halloween approached, my stepdaughter pronounced that Halloween was her favorite holiday. I thought that was a little odd. Don't most kids put Christmas at the top of their list? Or Thanksgiving, even?

So I asked her why, and her answer made me a wee bit nauseous. . . She said, "Because Halloween 'kicks off' the holiday season; once Halloween is here, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years follow right afterward, one after the other, bing, bing, bing!"


She's right, of course. As a kid, the Fall and Winter holidays pair nicely with school vacations, visits with family, gifts under a tree with the assistance from seven dwarves--or elves--or reindeer--or ??

As adults, that magic stuff fades a bit, and the rapid progression from one holiday to the next can equate to a fair bit of, dare I say, stress? I have a quilty suggestion . . .

A BooBonus for YOU!

In the spirit of Halloween, I'm offering a bonus--40% off--on Up One Side Pre-Cut Table Runner Kits.

Click on the image above, choose one (or more) of five different color-ways, enter the coupon code "boobonus" and save 40% on each kit you buy. Supplies are limited, free shipping (domestic orders) when you buy two or more. This offer ends at the stroke of midnight, Halloween night!

Happy Halloween, and Happy Stitching!

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