Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last Minute LuLu

Ginger SnapsThis Christmas season, I feel like such a Last Minute LuLu! How about you? Is all your shopping done? Cookies baked and ready for festive holiday trays? Lights on the tree? Shopping complete? All wrapped up with shiny paper and bows?

Me, not so much. BUT, I have a good excuse! I could just about bust keeping this a secret until now. I have a new coloring book in the works! 

Scrappy Quilts Coloring Book

Here's the thing, the coloring book is SO new, and came together SO quickly, that it's not available anywhere just yet! It's on deck for arrival sometime in January or early February.

Do you want to be the first to receive your very own copy?

To celebrate the new coloring book and to help you finish your last minute quilty shopping, here is a special offer just for you--and your Santa shopper (feel free to share this post with your guy in red so he knows just what to do!)


Spend $30 with the Hummingbird Highway

Add the NEW Scrappy Quilts Coloring Book to your cart. (For a sub-total of at least $39.95)

Enter the Coupon Code LastMinuteLulu (no spaces) and be among the first to get the Coloring Book . . . for FREE!

Offer ends Monday, December 21, 2015 at midnight (east coast time).

Your order will ship no later than Tuesday, December 22 (assuming everything in your order is in stock).

The Scrappy Quilts Coloring Book will ship as soon as it's available (expected January 2016)

Happy holiday preparations!

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