Thursday, December 3, 2015

Threading the Needle

Sometimes just one little tip and make all the difference!

This week, I've been working on finishing up some projects that have been hanging around for a while. UFOs (UnFinished Objects), PHDs (Projects Half Done), WIPs (Work In Progress).

I've been working on this project all year. It's part of a monthly club I attend when I'm in town, mostly for the social aspect. The pattern, Timeless Tradition by Bits 'n Pieces) is for a whole quilt. I scaled it down quite a bit to make a table runner.

quilted table runner

To keep the project portable, I opted to hand applique and hand quilt the project.

quilted table runner

And this little project isn't quite complete yet. A week ago, it was wadded up in a basket marked and ready for quilting. The embroidered center is a mixture of a couple of patterns from Bird Brain Designs. The center was then appliqued to the base, sandwiched, then basted. The quilting is complete. Now I'm in the process of adding embroidery embellishments to be topped off with some beadwork.

quilted embroidery piece

Then this week, the folks at Threads Magazine sent along this two-minute video packed with some really helpful tips. I'm happy to say I learned this technique when I first started hand-sewing, but the video is a good reminder. And I love the tip about the lip balm . . .

And the tip is so well-timed. I know a few people *a-hem* who might be doing some last minute sewing as the Christmas holiday gets closer and closer. You just don't need your thread fighting you as you place those last stitches to secure the binding around the perimeter of your quilted masterpiece!

Happy Stitching!

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