Thursday, June 2, 2016

Having a BALL!

Win BIG this summer!

Have you been thinking about joining the Ribbon Star Swap? We've been swapping blocks for almost a year now, and still at it! Maybe it's time you joined the fun.

Join the Ribbon Star Swap this summer and win! The basics: Get a beach ball with your Ribbon Star Swap Kit. Take a fun and creative photo with the ball this summer. Send it the photo. Swap your blocks. Win.

The Contest

  • Make 12 or 24 Ribbon Star blocks and submit them for swapping. If you're not already in the swap, you'll receive a Mini Beach Ball with your first swap kit.
  • Take a fun picture--better yet, take several fun pictures--with the beach ball. There are only three rules for the picture 1) it has to be fun and creative, 2) it has to include your mini beach ball, and 3) it can't be anything dangerous. Selfies, kiddos, pets, plants, vacations, shop hopping--all fair game as long as the beach ball is visible in the picture. But, if you thought maybe a picture of you and your beach ball going over Niagara Falls in a barrel . . don't do that.
  • Submit your 'Having a Ball' photo via email, enter as many times as you like between now and September 10, 2016.
  • A grand prize will be awarded at the end of the summer for the most Fun and Creative photo. More on the grand prize below.

The Swap
  • Check out the details of the Ribbon Star Swap here, including the free block pattern, required materials and swap instructions.
  • Order a kit, BASIC (12 blocks) or TWOFER (24 blocks). Wait to receive your kit and beach ball in your first summer-time order.
  • Make your blocks.Take a fun picture.
  • To be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE, you must submit blocks for swapping during July, August, and September. A minimum of two BASIC swaps in two of the three months or one TWOFER swap in any one of the three summer months.

  • Fabric and quilt pattern designers are Having a Ball this summer, too. I have accumulated an amazing Grand Prize package that includes fabulous goodies from Pat Sloan, Gina Martin, Heidi Boyd, Kari Carr--and MORE.
  • The GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the most Fun and Creative Having a Ball photo.
  • Watch for more details - and pictures - in coming Good Migrations editions.
  • Deadline for photo submissions is September 10, 2016. Multiple entries are fine. But please send one photo per email.
How about it, are you having a ball with us this summer? Join the Facebook group (Ribbon Star Swap with Joan Ford) to keep the ball rolling.

Happy Stitching! And Happy Swapping!

Are you going to Have a Ball, too?

joan ford

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