Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Big Dig, Phase II

Last summer, we had a patio installed in our front yard. It was quite a project. Dave and I have really enjoyed being outdoors more with a nicely finished space. The landscaping around the seating area includes lots of flowering plants providing color and inspiration.

Phase II of the project began a couple of days ago. Delos from Phoenix Flower Farm is back to create a pond and stream along side the sitting area.

At the moment, things look a bit out of sorts. A lot of dirt, a big hole and not much to show for it all.

The yard, pond construction

This pile of rocks looks like a scene from the movie Frozen. And to paraphrase the rock trolls' song from the movie, it feels like the yard is a bit of a 'fixer-upper.'

pond constuction, rocks

By the weekend, Delos tells me, we'll be hearing the restful sounds of a burbling creek. I'll show you some more pictures, soon. At the moment things look a bit out of sorts.

Yesterday, during a little break in the action, I had a chat with Delos. I think we both concluded that there are lots of similarities in our two very different businesses.

As a gardener and landscape architect, he works with his hands to create natural environments that draw in nature and color. I create with my hands as well. Color is my inspiration and the end result brings comfort, peace, and restfulness.

We both wrap our ultimate 'customer' in something that represents an expression of the soul. In the simplest terms, it's the similarity between the choice and placement of just the right flowering plant or just the right fabric color and shape.

When it comes down to the basics, we 'need' water, food, and air to survive. But I feel we need beauty and peace to really live.

What say you? Should flowers, fabric, and quilts be considered 'wants' or 'needs?'

Happy Stitching!
joan ford


  1. Good analogy! My answer is BOTH!
    Looking forward to more landscaping pix!

  2. How do you get water there is it just natural occuring? Silly question maybe

    1. That is a great question! It's mind-boggling, isn't it. Once the hole is dug for the pond and all the rivers and waterfalls, you then line the holes with a heavy-duty liner. Then you arrange the rocks and river bed and fill it up with water. There is a pump and filter that draws the water from the lower level deep end of the pond and pumps it out at the top of the stream. So the basically recycles itself. As water evaporates in the dry weather, you just add a little bit with the hose. The process is a lot like making a quilt. A lot of planning and measuring to make sure everything is in the right spot!