Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Pond Time!

With some crazy book deadlines, this week I'm taking a temporary departure to show you pictures of the recently completed pond in our front yard.  . .

At first, I wasn't sure that digging up the front yard to install a pond was such a good idea, but it's so relaxing, within ear-shot of the soothing running water, that I regularly take my laptop and a small laptop desk to the porch where I can work diligently on text and illustrations for the next book (due in Spring 2017).

When we started digging and the lawn was a mess, I admit that I was a tiny bit concerned. . . but not for long. After only three or four days of mess, a pond emerged! Complete with waterfalls and burbling water!

A few water plants in the main, deeper part of the pond. . .

The koi fish keep the mosquito larvae to a minimum, and they're fun to watch (but hard to photograph!)! At first they did a lot of hiding in the spaces between the rocks. Now, they swim around like champions, especially at meal time. The three are named, Larry, Darrell, and Darrell. (Two of them look really similar)

The frogs just showed up on their own. So far, we have two amphibian squatters. . .one is particularly fond of this lily pad. . .

The water iris is in bloom right now. So pretty. . . .Very delicate lavender color.

Dave insisted on having some eastern prickly pear . . .

And this daylily has nothing to do with the pond . . . it's down by the mailbox. I just thought it was pretty!

Find yourself a peaceful spot this summer, and . . .

Happy Stitching
joan ford


  1. How lovely! One word of caution. . . The water iris (we call them water hyacinth here in California) which you pictured can become very invasive. They have established themselves here in the delta, near Sacramento, where they create all sorts of problems and have replaced all native vegetation.

  2. Here is a link to one story about the water hyacinth