Thursday, November 24, 2016

For You from Me and The Universe

I receive daily notes in my email from the universe (look for the red bar, top right). No, it's true (and yes, I'm okay!).

I received one such message earlier this week that made me think of the Thanksgiving holiday. Not the one depicted on a classic Norman Rockwell cover of the Saturday Evening Post, but a real one, with real people on various sides of heated conversations covering current issues. The message hit the nail on the head:

Know everyone by their good traits.

And it made me think, that’s a really good message to keep in my back pocket as friends and family gather this holiday season.

And more specifically, I am very, very grateful for your friendship and support throughout the year. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? And so much more fun stuff to come.

Stay safe, and count your blessings on this Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Stitching!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Joan Ford


  1. That really is a wonderful habit to be in. Think of who you know, and two or three good things about them. How that could improve conversations with and ABOUT people!