Thursday, November 10, 2016

I am SO Embarrassed!

Sometimes, you just know it's time (or long past) to do something!

My office. A tiny little corner in the back of my house. Trouble is that it's open space. Lots of natural light, windows everywhere, beautiful view of the back yard, and no door. I love this about my office space.

But it's also a curse. And an embarrassment.

Originally this was going to be a sitting room with a lovely view of the backyard. A big fluffy sofa took up most of the space in the room. And a little desk in the corner for quick correspondence or internet surfing. That's before I started writing quilt patterns and books.

Here's the 'before' picture. I'm showing this to you so you'll help to keep me accountable. Something must be done, plain and simple. I've got a few weeks without any travel, so I want to fix this up before the end of the year. (That sounded a lot like a deadline, yikes!)

The big empty floor space: Sofa gone. Hey, it's a start! Shelves to come.

The white cabinet on the left was never supposed to be filing space, and now it appears that one more folder may just send the whole thing a-tumble.

All the stuff on the small shelf on the right needs an empty recycle bin. And the black printer (under the stack of folders) died this week. I think it just couldn't take it anymore.

The tiny desk needs a facelift and a better filing system. The paper. There must be a forest worth of trees in this tiny space. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Rolling up my sleeves! Do you have a space like this that you need to tackle? Whaddaya say? Shall we tackle it together? Stay tuned!

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford


  1. I did have a space like that. I just started hauling everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out into the hallway. Then I dusted and vac. the whole place - sorted out my stash (and believe me that was no easy task!), divided it into "keepers" and "you really need to let this go to someone who will use it" stacks. I only put back what I absolutely wanted and left everything else in the hall so I would trip over it every day until I found it a home. I finally found SewGreen Rochester and donated the entire car load. They were so greatful and I was pleased knowing that people who needed the fabric were actually going to get it and use it. Good Luck!

    1. There really is something 'cleansing' about a good, thorough re-assessment, re-purpose, and re-MOVE!! I'll take whatever luck you can throw my way! ;)

  2. Bankers boxes at walmart in 10-packs, uniform shape and size with lid. Just dump everything in them, stack them up, and sitting in a chair go thru the contents, putting some organizedly back into the space you've emptied. Remember when the invention of the personal computer was going to make paper obsolete? LOL

    1. I agree, it all has to come out before it is replaced and re-organized. And RECYCLED!! Yes, completely paperless! Sounds good in theory!