Thursday, June 15, 2017

A "Normal" Day on the 'Highway'

After a busy couple of weeks on the road, I was glad to start out this week realizing that it’s back to ‘normal’ here on the highway. Then I got to thinking: what exactly does that mean? ‘Normal.’ So I decided to take a closer look at a typical day around here. Thought you might enjoy a sneaky peak into one of my ‘typical’ weekdays.

Almost without fail, after making Dave’s lunch and he goes off to work around 7am, I start the day with a couple of hours of sewing time. If I don’t get in at least a seam or two, it seems my whole day is off. Right now I’m working on some step outs for my August trip to Alaska. I’ll be visiting three guilds while I’m there. These step-outs are for Elsa’s Prayer Quilt from the new book.

By about 9 am, it’s time for a shower and some breakfast. Basic stuff here. Oh poo, looks like I broke a yolk. . .

The girls typically insist that I share the orange juice.

I might grab a few minutes to work on some kits for the Vermont Quilt Festival. Seems like there is always an upcoming event to plan for. Sometimes I have a helper to assemble kits (Hi Barb!) but that is usually more effective when I’ve planned ahead. A-hem.

Next, it’s time for some computer work. I’d say that I spend about 8 hours a day working on correspondence, patterns, and other computer work. For about two weeks before and after Summer Solstice the skylights in my office space create some pretty heavy-glare from about noon to 2pm on sunny days.

That’s when I grab my laptop and migrate to the temporary office space on the front porch if it’s a nice day. Here is my ‘remote’ office. . . .

 . . . and here is my front-yard view. (I am a lucky girl)

During the day, the neighborhood is really quiet. But there is plenty to distract me in the yard. A little rustle in the leaves tells me I have a visitor. Can you find the baby bunny hidden among the honeysuckle branches?

The moving water in the pond brings all kinds of birds - catbirds, chipping sparrows, and robins among my favorites to come and sip or bathe. And it wouldn’t be the Hummingbird Highway without a visit from Mr. Ruby-Throat.

You would think with all the distractions of my outdoor office space, I’d get nothing done! In fact, it’s just the opposite! I find that I’m really focused on the project of the day, and I get more done than if I were in my 'normal' office space. Who knows why?

For example, I’m working on some new things to go along with The Early Bird from the Splendid Sampler (by the way, this week’s featured block for the second Splendid Sampler sew-along is The Early Bird!). The pattern in the book is paper pieced (not my thing), so if you prefer the patchwork version, you can get it here. Or, if you don’t want to do the cutting at all, (this is BIG news!!) I’m hoping to have a pre-cut version of The Early Bird for you very soon. Plus, more bird blocks are on the drawing board, too! I’m very excited about this new offering, but most of the particulars are still in the earliest stages. So stay tuned . . . And shhh! This is just between us girls, okay?

In the evening, after dinner and dishes, I like to sit down with some hand work. Lately I’ve been finishing up bindings on these Swirl Mug Mats made with the Mini Pineapple Trim Tool.

Speaking of pineapples AND the Splendid Sampler. I’ve been using the leftover bits of fabric from my 'SS' quilt (no, the quilting isn’t done yet) to make these six-inch traditional pineapple blocks. I’ve decided I’m stopping at 35 blocks, and I have 28 in the stack. Only a few more to go then I can come up with some sort of setting. This is my ‘other’ project I have off to the side at my sewing table to sew in between the workshop samples I’m making in the morning.

Fridays are different. That’s when I usually get out and run some errands during the day. And just around 5pm, Dave texts me that he’s leaving work. That’s code for ‘meet me at the brewery (a craft brewery featuring Belgian-style ales and libations that is about two or three miles away from the home office) and let’s get the weekend started!'

So many variables can come into play on any single ‘normal’ day. But I like to think that whatever the day brings, that I’m moving forward, even a little and enjoying my surroundings as the day unfolds. How about you? What does your ‘normal’ day look like? Calm, chaotic, unpredictable?

Happy Stitching!

Joan Ford

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