Thursday, February 22, 2018

Boxing Day!

No, it's not the holiday season (Boxing Day is typically the day after Christmas), but around here there sure seem to be a lot of boxes lately!

Little bitty ones . . . Aren't these fun and colorful? Some of these are coming with me on the cruise next week - little surprises! Some will show up in other fun places.

A few weeks ago, I had a breakfast meeting at the mall. I'm not at the mall all that often. I stopped in to Michaels to pick up some 6-strand embroidery thread and had one of those "squirrel!" moments!

In one of the main aisles, there stood a pile of colorful photo-boxes.

The sign said 'photo storage boxes.' But they sure look like a great place to store tidied up fabrics to me! 

Really fun colors, a place to insert some notes regarding the kinds of fabric treasures inside, and a great price 4 for $10! I grabbed a few, and used a couple - one for a door prize, and one for fabric storage.

Since then, I have kinda made one excuse or another to 'stop by' the Michaels near me, and then another visit to the store at the mall. I have a good collection now! I think I can stop! But not before picking up this one with the stand-out near-sighted zebra in the yellow glasses on the lid! (I think I might have a problem!) 

Then there are the BIG boxes headed to Florida where I'll meet up with them again in just about one week!

These super-sized, super-heavy boxes (weighing in at about 70 lbs each) contain the kits (and a few extra-fun goodies) for next week's cruise. They headed out the door last evening.

Our cruise project remains a secret - it's under lock and key - rather tape and cardboard until we're on board. 

What will it be? . . .

With all this boxing up, I'm feeling a little behind with the stacks and stacks of 'stuff' on my desk and the virtual stacks of items in my email inboxes.

Time to get serious before I have to step on a plane and get ready for some fun in the sun!

Happy Stitching

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