Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Quilt Birthday!

It's my Quilt Birthday! 

On February 8th, 2003, I started making my very first quilt project.

In January and February of 2003, the winter was looking like it would never end here in central New York! And I was looking forward to learning and enjoying a new hobby on that cold, winter day.

Do you remember your first experience making a quilt? Maybe not the exact date, but the fabrics, the people, and the project?

It's a perfect day to celebrate, and to introduce something new!

I've kept this idea secret for far too long! It all started with an office supply gadget designed for papers, envelopes and pencils. Turned out it was also a nice way to keep quilting rulers handy, but there was no place to park a rotary cutter!

That was the seed of an idea. I wanted to create a tool that could keep rulers, pencils, scissors, AND a rotary cutter near at hand when creativity takes priority over tidy-ness!

From that idea, an incredible journey followed. . . from identifying a US manufacturer, working with engineers and CAD designers, testing materials, developing packaging, and finally I'm ready to share . . .


Turns out, Your Nest™ Organizer is pretty handy in in a few ways. 

I like it on my desk (below) (yes, that's my old accounting calculator - I like to keep my cell phone in that slot, but I needed it to take the picture!).

Or in the kitchen (below below). I get Home Chef meal delivery service. As soon as I open up the box, I put away the cold stuff and stack the recipe cards right on Your Nest™ Organizer. Looks like we're having Taco Salad Pizza tonight! 

And, of course, I love it most on my sewing table. Small rulers, small cutting mats, pens, medium sized rulers, pencils, scissors, really BIG rulers. . . !  It's flexible and sturdy at the same time.

With . . .  drumroll please! . . .

A place for the rotary cutter!

If you know anything about me, then you know I'm all about birds. So, you've probably already made the bird connection to the name

Your Nest even has a feathered mascot named Opal! You'll meet her soon!

So, you see I've been very busy hatching all kinds of fun plans for this cool tool.

Did I mention that it comes in four feather-friendly colors:

Top to bottom:

Martin (purple)
Flamingo (pink)
Hummingbird (green)
Peacock (teal blue)

Want one? And a gift for you!

You can't have a birthday without gifts, right? And it seems right  that if you're going to have a birthday so close to the weekend, you really should take advantage of the whole weekend to celebrate!!

Therefore for any Your Nest™ Organizers purchased between now through the weekend, I'm knocking off $4 from the shipping fee.

Canada and overseas

Unfortunately, because everything is so new, I haven't worked out all the shipping particulars for Your Nest Organizers to Canada and overseas. So, Canadian friends, you have two options (assuming you want any options!) : 1) wait for an announcement about making purchases from the Hummingbird Highway OR 2) there are two retailers in Canada who will soon have Your Nest Organizers in stock:

    Cherry Tree Quilts, British Columbia
    The Pickle Dish Quilt Shop, Ontario

Happy Quilt Birthday, and Happy Stitching!


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