Thursday, June 7, 2018

First Tuesdays

The First Tuesday of each month is a very special day. It's when I get together with three of my sewing girlfriends and share a meal, spend some time with hand-work projects (no sewing machines allowed), listen to a little background music, and a have few laughs and good gab.

This month, it was my turn to host. With my work table covered with stash organizing, and cruise kit materials for the last few months, my friends were kind enough to allow me to put off hostess duties while other projects took over my work room.

Even so, a little spiffing was required to get the area craft-ready.

We start with pot-luck dinner. The host usually provides the main course (this week it was was sweet Italian sausage and onions) then everyone fills in with sides and dessert. Once the dishes are cleared away, it takes a milli-second to get down to the 'business' of sewing.

Since we're all working on hand-sewing projects, there are no machines to set up and the projects come out of the tote and right into action.

There's Gail. She and Jen are both working on My Small World, a quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell. The pattern has some parts that are machine-friendly and some that are hand-work friendly. Both Gail and Jen happened to be working on the English Paper Piecing (EPP) part of the quilt two nights ago.

In fact, I'm the only one of our foursome that wasn't doing EPP.

And the aforementioned Jen. A second or two before I took this picture, Jen flashed a dazzling smile. Still beautiful, even without a toothy grin.

And Marcia, who was working on EPP hexagons. She was working with baby-themed prints in pink, taupe, and aqua. She started the project without an intended recipient in mind. Then she received the news that she's soon to be a first-time gramma! So, I guess if you want a baby to enter your world, you should start a baby-themed quilt!

And me. I was continuing my recent obsession with biscournu, as discussed last week. This time with a familiar subject matter. I found this pattern online and, unlike the other two biscornu I made from the book discussed last week, this one is strictly cross stitch as opposed to a combination of backstitching lines.

And of course, Peaches likes to join the rest of the girls. Although, she doesn't add much to the conversation, she likes to supervise, unless there is food involved, especially at dessert time. . . then she'll participate with enthusiasm!

And if the hostess is lucky, the person who brought dessert will leave some in the fridge. Makes a great breakfast treat! (Don't judge! So, okay, it's not your standard breakfast food, but Peaches made me do it!

Tell me, do you get together regularly with in a social sewing circle? 

Happy Stitching!

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